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Using the technology of Zoom or similar virtual platforms, I bring the dispute resolution medium to you, rather than having you expend time and expense traveling to the seat of a mediation or arbitration. This saves you time, money, and inconvenience. 

Litigation Vs. Mediation

Mediation is a process for resolving disputes by which an independent mediator assists the parties in reaching a mutually satisfactory settlement. It is an extension of the parties own negotiations and is sometimes referred to as a “supercharged negotiation.”

A mediation session involves a discussion of the dispute by the parties, as opposed to the formal presentation of witnesses and evidence such as takes place in a trial or arbitration. The session will normally be attended only by the mediator, the parties and their attorneys. Because of the informality of the process, a mediation can usually be completed in a day or less.

“Traditional litigation is a mistake that must be corrected… For some disputes trials will be the only means, but for many claims trials by adversarial contest must in time go the way of the ancient trial by battle and blood. Our system is too costly, too painful, too destructive, too inefficient for really civilized people.”
Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, (Ret.) U.S. Supreme Court.

27+ years experience negotiating and settling thousands of cases in the NYS Court system.

Fully trained and experienced in online mediation using the Zoom platform

Member, AAA Roster of Mediators, and FINRA Arbitration Panel.

Masters Degree (LLM) Candidate in Dispute Resolution , Fordham Law School.

Meet Nelson Timken
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Hello and thanks for visiting my website. for 27 years, I helped attorneys, businesses and individuals negotiate and settle lawsuits as a Court Attorney to judges in Civil and Supreme Court.  I did this by conferencing and actively negotiating thousands of cases over my long career within the court system, in many different areas of the law, including consumer,  personal injury, business,  contract, real estate, foreclosure, wages and employment

Nelson Timken doing an online mediation on Zoom

Why Choose Me To Be Your Mediator?

My mediation style is that I am primarily a facilitative mediator; that is, I use techniques to help the parties to find effective ways to communicate and hear each other, to separate emotions from financial decisions, to make informed and fair settlement decisions in light of the law, and to understand their interests in order to identify options that may work to resolve their dispute.

I arbitrate legal-fee disputes between clients and attorneys in New York County.

I am a mediator with Community Mediation Services.

I am a Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC) in Queens County.

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